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Are You Sleep Deprived? It Could be Affecting Your Decisions in a Very Bad Way

Do you know anyone with a newborn baby? Or a loved one who has said they just can’t get to sleep at night? This article could be very much appreciated by someone with challenges sleeping. About 11 percent of Americans are sleep deprived, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention survey. After surveying […]

All About Beets: Why They Can’t be Beat for Your Health, Plus Tasty Recipes

The next time you visit your favorite European restaurant and your waitress asks you, “chicken dumpling or Borscht soup,” think twice before answering as you may be missing out on some tasty health benefits in a bowl — beets. This often overlooked, underdog vegetable is loaded with antioxidants such as fiber, potassium and vitamin C. […]

Is the Junk-Food Gene Making You Crave Fattening Foods? Plus, How to Overcome It

Junk food, fast food, we know it’s all unhealthy, yet we still order takeout and frequent drive-throughs, sometimes several times a week. The top five reasons Americans eat junk food are convenience, availability, no time to cook, it’s quick and affordable — but at what cost to their health? A study conducted by the American […]

How to Overcome America’s Most Overlooked Disease: Allergies

It’s true that home is where the heart is … but home is also the breeding ground for numerous indoor allergens that come in all colors and forms. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, one out of every five Americans suffers from some form of indoor or outdoor allergen such as food, […]

Why Most New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Re-Set Your Resolutions NOW For Success

How many times have you vowed to lose 20 pounds starting with the New Year or said that this was the year you were going to cut back on your drinking or quit smoking once and for all? After celebrating on New Year’s Eve and using it as the last hurrah to overindulge, most people […]

8 Ways to Avoid The Top 5 Common Crippling Exercise Injuries

Regular workouts can help you prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. They promote healthy blood sugar levels, improve your mood and energy levels, help control your weight, promote healthy bone density and more. In other words, there’s no shortage of benefits to hitting the gym or taking a brisk stroll or two around your […]

How Obesity and Overweight May be Impacting Your Brain … Plus What You Can do to Avoid This “Severe” Health Risk

Obesity has been called the “Great American Disease” because it now impacts 30 percent of U.S. adults (which amounts to over 60 million people). It is, however, a global disease that affects more than 300 million worldwide. While most are aware that being overweight and obese can increase their risk of high cholesterol, heart disease […]

Study Finds Old Forgotten Head Injuries the Source of Many Mental/Emotional Issues

 What do learning disabilities, homelessness and alcoholism have in common? They may all be related to a long-ago head injury, according to emerging research. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that over 5 million Americans have a mental or physical disability due to such a brain injury, however this estimate is based only […]

Super Dangerous Kids Football Head Injuries & Strokes!

More than 55 percent of high school students participate in athletics, activities that can lend invaluable experiences in teamwork and dedication along with boosting self-esteem and physical fitness levels. Among them, football is ranked the most popular sport for high school boys, with over 1.1 million high-school-aged participants across the country, according to the 2008-09 […]

What is the World’s Most Dangerous Sport? (We Bet You’ll NEVER Guess) Plus summer camp for some is right around the corner!

Between 1982 and the spring of 2010, there were over 1,100 catastrophic injuries in high school and college sports, which includes any severe or fatal injury that occurred while participating in the sport. Yet, a great portion of those injuries did not occur during a football, hockey, wrestling or any other type of contact sport, […]

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