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Pain Relief for Fibromyalgia Sufferers … How do Doctors Know if YOUR Pain is “Truly” Fibromyalgia?

About 10 million people in the United States suffer from fibromyalgia, a syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain, sleep disturbances, fatigue and, often, psychological distress as a result. Of them, about 75-90 percent are women, according to the National Fibromyalgia Association (NFA). Because people with fibromyalgia often “test” healthy according to typical medical diagnostic procedures, […]

Pain in the Wrist? FREE Trigger Point Self-Test

Take a simple 3-part test to see if your pain is caused by something that may have in the past even fooled one or more of your doctors! Why is Wrist Pain so Prevalent? Millions of Americans suffer from chronic wrist pain that can range from tingling, to throbbing, to sharp and piercing. The incidence […]

How to Sit at a Desk All Day and Still be Healthy

Americans spend nearly eight hours a day sitting (and another four hours watching TV and playing computer games) according to a Harris poll conducted by the America On the Move Foundation. Now consider your own day. How many hours per day do you spend sitting at a desk, either in your office or at home? […]

Soy and Breast Cancer

  Many breast cancer patients come to me for immune and wellness support while they are getting treatment for their breast cancer. After surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, breast cancer patients are normally followed at approximately three month intervals by their oncologists for possible recurrence. The patients who stay with me after the completion of their […]

16 Interesting Facts About America’s Most Popular Fruit, Bananas

Bananas are not only America’s #1 fruit, they may also have been the first fruit on earth, according to the International Banana Association, which notes that banana plants have been in cultivation since history has been recorded. Their origins can be traced into the Malaysian jungles of Southeast Asia, but one of the first records […]

The 17 Most Important Steps to Organize Your Office (Finally!)

Considering how much time most workers spend in their office (a survey by NEC-Mitsubishi, a maker of computer monitors, found that 67 percent of office workers feel more tied to their desks than they did two years ago), we should all be “whizzes” at organizing our offices. In reality, most of us could use a […]

What to do AFTER a Workout to Get Maximum Benefit From Your Exercise

It’s somewhat instinctive to warm-up before a workout. You may jog in place a little, shake out your arms, do a few stretches, and some other movements to get your heart pumping and your body feeling loose before you exercise. After you’re done exercising, however, you may be tired, and taking the time to cool […]

Dr. Khalsa’s Happy to Announce the FREE online Summit on Digestive Problems IBS and SIBO

I am delighted to announce the free summit on IBS And SIBO, which is starting today when you get this newsletter. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)and SIBO (Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) are extremely common in our society. Just look at the many advertisements on TV for digestive problems. Most of these products treat irritable bowel syndrome […]

Hospital Pricing: Why do Certain Hospitals Charge Significantly More for the Same Medical Procedures? Most IMPORTANTLY: Sick-Care Hospital Stay Prevention!

If you are planning an operation you likely want the best Hospital with the best team your Doctor recommends and cost likely doesn’t matter after you exceed your health insurance deductible. Even if you have a high deductible, when you’re in need of immediate medical care and end up in a hospital, price again is […]

The Healing and Strengthening Power of Touch

The power of touch is displayed perhaps no more poignantly than during the first few months of life. Babies who are not hugged and held during these first months will not thrive and grow like their cuddled peers. In fact, a study by Rush University Medical Center in Chicago found that infants who were held, […]

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