004-Ask Dr Soram–Breathing Walking, Standing and Sitting- An Interview with Guru Prem


Ask Dr Soram podcast number 4As I promised  my listeners, this is the first of what I expect to be many podcasts where I  interview people  noted for their outstanding work in Integrative Medicine.

In this interview I have the privilege to interview my longtime friend Guru Prem Singh Khalsa. He is a world renowned body worker that works with me at the Khalsa Medical Clinic. Guru Prem and I have been friends for over 30 years.

A wide range of medical problems from all aspects of digestive problems, including acid reflux, chronic constipation, to migraine headaches, heart palpitations, panic attacks and anxiety as well as back and neck problems are intimately connected with the way we stand, walk, sit and breathe.

The majority of my patients with any medical problem breathe "backwards". By this I mean their diaphragm is going up when it should be going down and it is going down when it should be going up with the breathing process.

 I feel very fortunate that Guru Prem is part of our clinic, and I refer many of my patients to him for  bodywork as well as education about posture and breathing as well as his ability to uplift people spiritually.

 As mentioned in his interview, our heart  directly touches the diaphragm. I have shown in these two diagrams the anatomy of where that happens, and you may go to the website where these pictures were created for more details. Notice how the diaphragm goes DOWN with inhalation and UP with exhalation. Check  yourself and see if you are doing it right!


Diaphragn breathing inhalation and exhalation

 You can find out more about Guru Prem by visiting his website Here, where you can find his books and music and you can also get his books and music at Spirit Voyage Music .

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