008-Ask Dr Soram-Vitamin D -New Findings on Why You Must Take This Vitamin!


ask Dr Soram On this podcast I remind you how important it is to get your vitamin D levels tested and into the optimal range at this time of year before the flu season.

I talk about the two epidemics that are going on in our country at this time in regards to vitamin D, and why over 1 billion people worldwide have a vitamin D deficiency.

I review  the 11 factors affecting vitamin D levels which I show on this graph below:

factors that affect vitamin D

I also review the multitude of diseases that are connected with vitamin D deficiency, and the economic burden in the United States caused by vitamin D deficiency.

I also discussed the recent recall of the NOW brand of Calcium- Magnesium with vitamin D, due to the capsules containing a massive overdose of vitamin D. This was specifically product numbers 1251 and 1252. I ask the question why did this happen?

I review the 2005  study that was published that showed that vitamin D plays a crucial role in the production of certain types of white blood cells that are needed to fight infections.

Also new research on vitamin D is showing that vitamin D deficiency adversely affects respiratory health.

In addition steroid use, including the use of prednisone and Medrol, is strongly linked to having a vitamin D deficiency.

In another study the European Food Safety Authority has declared that "Vitamin D may reduce the risk of falling. Falling is a risk factor for bone fractures." This corroborates all the evidence which I cite in my book, The Vitamin D Revolution, showing that low vitamin D increases the risk of falling in the elderly.

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Are you taking vitamin D? What brand are you using? Have you measured your vitamin D levels? Do you have your family checking their levels as well? How much vitamin D are you taking at this time?

I look forward to hearing your replies in the comments section below.


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