009-Ask Dr Soram-Vitamin D- New Findings -Part 2


Ask Dr Soram Vitamin D part 2 In this podcast I pick up where we left off on the last podcast and talk about the many myths about vitamin D. These are shown in the picture below.

I also discuss my seven tips for optimizing your and your families vitamin D. You can also see the video I made of my tips for vitamin D by clicking here.

Are you telling your friends and relatives about the importance of vitamin D? This is the most important time of year to get your levels measured which you can do with this at home test kit or with your personal physician.

Are you taking Vitamin D? How much ? What have you noticed when taking it?

I look forward to hearing your comments in the box below.

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  • Jshankr

    Enjoying the podcasts. My levels were good around last year at this time. I try to get 15-30 mins of sun around mid day. Thanks for your work in this regard.

  • So glad ! Keep getting your sun and your D but remember depending on where you live there may be a Vitamin D winter from November to March in which case you get no D from the sun!
    Check you blood level in March !