015-Ask Dr. Soram- Interview with Dr Neal Barnard on the PCRM Nutrition Program


In today's show I have the privilege of interviewing Dr. Neal Barnard, on the subject of a whole food plant based diet.

As many of you know, I have been a vegetarian for the last 40 years. But starting May of this year after taking the course at Cornell University for health professionals on a whole food plant based diet I changed to being a vegan. My health improved, my well-being improved, and very importantly to me, my cholesterol improved without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Bernard and the organization he founded and of which he is still the president is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, is an organization that educates doctors and patients about the benefits of a whole food plant based diet.


Dr. Bernard has been the author of many books including the most recent 21 – Day Weight Loss Kickstart, which is a book which helps people try a vegan diet for 21 days. Within 21 days most people will notice improvement in their health but this diet.

He has also co-written a vegan cookbook with 425 easy and delicious recipes to jumpstart weight loss. You can get it by clicking here

We talked about this growing statistics of diabetes in our country. There are over 25 million adults and children in the United States which is 8.3% of our population that have diabetes. Diabetes in children is one of the fastest growing conditions in children. The problem with diabetes is not mainly the elevated sugar but the consequences of elevated sugar which we will learn about in this interview.

You can find the PCRM website here, where you can get much more information.

I know you will enjoy listening to this interview as much as I did doing it.

Here are some of Dr Barnard’s articles:

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Macronutrient Changes in individuals with type 2 Diabetes

Have you tried a vegan diet? Let me know in the comments below or drop me an e-mail and questions@askDrSoram.com.

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