016-Ask Dr Soram-Interview with Dr Neal Barnard on PCRM and its work


Neal BarnardI am delighted to bring you this new podcast of my interview with my colleague Dr. Neal Barnard, discussing the organization of which he is the founder and president, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. (PCRM)

They have over 12,000 physician members and over 120,000 lay members.

PCRM does clinical research and work with diets to see how diet can benefit diabetes and heart disease and other major diseases.

The other side of PCRM is the ethical side. They look at why medical researchers still use animals for experiments that could be better accomplished without animals.

After much work, PCRM has virtually eliminated the use of animals by most medical schools for teaching medical students. 

PCRM brings in non-animal techniques to do research which is now very validated. With modern techniques such as tissue banks which are very sophisticated research can be done without using animals.

He also discusses PCRM’s efforts to ban research on the Great Apes. He and I ask you to call your congressperson and ask them to pass the bill to stop research on the Great Apes. You can call (202) 224-3121 and tell them your zip code and they will connect you to your representative directly. 

PCRM is in partnership with George Washington School of Medicine to teach medical education for physicians on diet and nutrition for good health.  Currently there is almost no education in med school itself on how diet and improve our health. The site is here

His book 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart: Boost Metabolism, Lower Cholesterol, and Dramatically Improve Your Health can be found here

The Nutrition Guide for physicians which Dr Barnard mentions and which you can buy for your doctor or yourself is here

And his book on reversing diabetes without drugs is available here

And here is the kindle version:

What are your thoughts on animal research and animal diets? How is your diet changing based on your own philosophy of health? I look forward to your questions which you can leave in the comment box below or drop me an e-mail at questions@askdrsoram.com 

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