020-My interview with Ashley Koff RD on Integrative Nutrition for Optimizing Health


Ashley Koff RDAshley Koff RD is a registered dietitian that I have worked with in my office for over five years. Often I give my patient's special diets in order to help improve their health. This can range from a "leaky gut" diet to a diet to reduce overgrowth of yeast in the digestive tract. 

As a physician, I often do not have the time to go over the details of the diet and certainly do not have the time to help them with direct menu planning. I'm very fortunate to have Ashley working with me to help implement the diets that I prescribe for patients. As a Registered Dietitian, she is able to sit down with the patient  and go over the diet and menu planning in detail and answer all their questions because of her familiarity with all the integrative medicine types of diets that we use.

In this first part of my interview, Ashley and I discuss what is the difference between a registered dietitian and nutritionist?

We then go on to talk about why a doctor would refer her a patient and what her role is working with the physician such as she does with me. We talk about how she helps my patients. And how she allows email follow-up for her patients. She helps people find what works for them with diet not just a rigid following of a program on a piece of paper. 

Ashley works with me and other physicians around the country and helps our patients “implement” the diets the doctors prescribe.  

On my next podcast I will talk with Ashley about her new book Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to live Fully Charged which you can get here

Or here as a kindle book.

We will also discuss her other book Recipes for IBS.

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