027-Your Questions Answered-Immune Support, Thyroid and Vitamin D


In this episode, I am proud to announce that I have been chosen to receive the prestigious Daniel J Wallace Founders Award at this year’s  Lupus LA event on May 24. The event will be held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel. This award is given to individuals who have exemplified excellence in their profession, and as a result of their work and service, have improved the health and well-being of our community and its citizens. I am indeed very honored to be the recipient of this award this year. To my knowledge it will be the first time that this award is being given to a Integrative Medical Doctor.

Here is a link to the website.

I am also delighted to announce that the Pregnancy Awareness Organization is sponsoring an event in Los Angeles on May 6 at the Skirball Center. It is from noon to 4 PM. Ken Cook, the president of Environmental Working Group, and Alejandro Junger,  and I will be on a panel entitled “Cleaning up for Pregnancy”. We will discuss how to clean out before a woman gets pregnant. If you or one of your girlfriends are in the greater Los Angeles area and are thinking about getting pregnant soon this event would be most informative for you.

I then take several questions. We had a phone call voice message call from a gentleman in Canada inquiring about a person near to him with breast cancer. He was asking about a product called  MGN3 and its benefit for use in people with cancer. I reply to his question and explain that supporting the immune system is only one part of getting to the underlying causes of breast cancer. I also emphasized that integrative medicine is NOT a replacement for traditional medicine in the treatment of breast cancer.

He also asked about a possible consultation with me professionally. For those of you who are interested in seeing me as a physician, you may contact me directly at the clinic at 310-274 6200  or you can contact me by e-mail at my office at drkhalsa@khalsamedical.com.

I then take a question from Ross regarding vitamin D2 versus vitamin D3, and I explained that I prefer using vitamin D3 in all my patients.

I then reply to Natalia who has written to me from the UK, regarding her daughter and the difficulty of getting her vitamin D level up. I gave several suggestions including repeating her vitamin D blood test another lab as well as checking on the quality of the vitamin D that she is giving her daughter to get her levels up. I also talk about diagnosing celiac disease in her daughter and what to do if there is an absorption problem with the vitamin D taken orally.

I received a very interesting question from Veena in Tanzania about autoimmune thyroid disease. It is very difficult for her to get blood tests of vitamin D there, and I’ve advised her to take 2000 units a day which we know to be safe for all adults if they cannot get a blood test. I also refer her to my video on YouTube which in 1 min. gives you full information on replacing your vitamin D. I also talk about autoimmune thyroid and its newly recognized relationship with levels of Mercury. I talk about the treatment of autoimmune thyroid which is also called Hashimoto’s thyroid.

Please send me your questions at questions@askdrsoram.com or you can phone in your questions to 310-499-0275.

I also appreciate your comments below and look forward to our continuing dialogue.

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