035-Unprocessed-An Interview with Chef AJ- Part 3


In part three of my interview with Chef AJ we start out by talking about how important it is to stop eating oil and sugar. She learned this from attending lectures by Dr. Esselstyn, who you as you probably know is now President Bill Clinton’s physician.

Chef AJ recommends reading two books. One is called The End of Overeating and you can get Kindle version HERE.

The other book is called The Pleasure Trap. These books explain why these food substances are so addictive.

You can also get it on Kindle here.

She then talks about a noted cardiologist in Texas, Baxter Montgomery, M.D. who talks about genetic diseases. He has an interesting saying which is “it’s not the disease that runs in the family, it’s the recipes! That’s what is running in your family!”

His book is HERE.

His YouTube video is HERE.

Chef AJ feels that disease is 90% under our own control whether we get sick or not is determined by our behavior and our food habits.

She points out that we use food to solve our emotional stress, almost as a medicine. She notes that when people are stressed it lowers their dopamine and instead of doing the things that they should do to increase their dopamine such as exercise, volunteer work, or meditation, they rather go for the vending machine many times a day and in her opinion what they are looking for is dopamine.

We then go on to talk about epigenetics, which as you know is the future of medicine I believe. She reminds us as I’ve reminded you many times with food we can actually change our genetic expression.. This takes us out of being in the victim category. She reminds us that eating poorly is so commonplace that it’s now accepted

I then go on to ask her to talk about what is wrong with milk and cheese? She points out that what mankind ate for most of the course of the history of the planet was not Dairy. This is a relatively recent phenomenon. She points out that human beings are the only species that not only drink milk after maturity, but actually drink milk of another species.

She reminds us that the problem with milk is the casein protein in it, and she points out that Dr. Colin Campbell stumbled upon the recognition that it was a potent carcinogen.

She tells us that Dr. Campbell was originally a dairy farmer! He got hired by the dairy industry to find a way to get cows to produce more milk and in his research stumbled upon the fact that the protein in milk, called casein, was carcinogenic and he was able to turn cancer on and off by giving the animals casein. Read about this HERE

She also points out if you had your own cow in your own yard and you didn’t feed it GMO grain and if you wanted to milk it yourself maybe that would be okay but we must understand how animals are raised in dairy farms.

We then go on to talk about the ingredients in milk and you will be surprised what they are! I will not print them here!

She gives us a vivid description of what’s happening in the dairy industry. She also points out that about 50% of the world’s antibiotics go to farm animals. She strongly states that she believes that when people eat animal products like meat and dairy they are eating tissues that have had mass quantities of hormones and antibiotics pumped into it.

She discusses how the USDA inspects all milk to make sure there is not too much blood or pus in it.

She recommends that those who are addicted to cheese can try switching to a processed product called Daiya, and that in Los Angeles some pizza restaurants will make a vegan pizza with that cheese. It tastes like cheese and its melts like cheese and she recommends it as a great transition away from cheese. Get details on the podcast itself.

We then transition to talking about AJ’s book entitled Unprocessed. I specifically ask her about the section where she talks about the “Yabbuts”. She describes that a Yabbut (pronounced “Yeah but”), is an excuse. She got this expression because her clients would come to her place and say I need to stop my sugar – Yeah-But!

One of the main Yabbuts is that it’s too expensive to eat healthy. She points out that Dr. McDougall has calculated that you can eat this way for $3.33 a day. In addition she recommends the book by Alan Jeffrey called Vegan on For Dollars a Day.

We then go on to talk about the other Yabbut’s in her book, which I will let you listen to on the podcast directly or read in her book.

Chef AJ reminds us how easy it is to cook things at home when you use a pressure cooker. She specifically recommends an electric pressure cooker which is independent of the stove.

She reminds people often that just because you can’t do everything in the diet doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything. She reminds us to move in the direction of optimum health by adding more fruits and vegetables in your day. This is better than doing nothing.

We close by talking about her website which you can visit here and her book Unprocessed
or kindle

She also mentions the course that we talked about in part one of her interview on November 3 and November 4. More information about this can be found at HealthytasteofLA.com.

She also has a three-hour course where you will learn to cook 10 different meals that are healthy, satisfying and vegan. She points out that people even fly in from other parts of the country to just take this course. As you know I took her course and found it very helpful and very inspiring.

I look forward to bringing Chef AJ back on another show where we can perhaps talk about sugar.

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