038 –Ask Dr Soram- My meeting with Wayne Dyer and Part 2 of my interview with Dr Ron Karlsberg on the CT Angiogram


In this podcast I announce that I am going to be on a medical daytime TV show in the near future. I am not allowed to put its name on the internet until 7 days before the show. The show has been filmed and should air in the 2nd or 3rd week of October. Stay tuned to my podcast and my website www.drsoram.com for an announcement as soon as I know. Also, I will be tweeting it and putting it on my Facebook page. Please follow me on twitter or LIKE me on Facebook!

I also talk about how I had the privilege to meet with Dr. Wayne Dyer while I was visiting in Hawaii. We had a wonderful conversation together and it was most uplifting to me. I highly recommend to you his new book which is a bestseller called Wishes Fulfilled. It is a difficult time on planet earth for all of us, and this book will help guide you to getting what is most important to you.

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I also mentioned in the podcast the teacher Neville and I definitely can recommend his book called the Power of Awareness.

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We then go on to part two of my interview with Dr. Ron Karlsberg. As you know, he is a clinical professor of medicine at UCLA School of medicine.

This interview for those of you just joining, is about the importance of the CT angiogram and how it can save lives.

In this part of the podcast I asked Dr. Karlsberg about radiation exposure in the test and the use of iodine as a contrast medium. We also talk about other risks which are very low level. We go over the details of the preparation for the test, and Dr. Karlsberg points out that in over 5000 cases that they have performed at his office, they haven’t had even one complication from any medicines that were used. He also points out that his centers and other centers have invented ways to reduce the radiation by 90% –specifically for you scientists out there the estimated radiation from this test is 2.5 milli-Sievers.

We then go on to talk about the indications for the test especially in symptomatic people. We also talk about the use of the test in the asymptomatic patient. In this case, which is how I often do it in my office it is considered a screening procedure.

I then talk about a particular patient mine who was having chest pain and how we were able to immediately get him in for the CT angiogram and found his arteries to be completely wide-open. We knew then that is chest pain was not cardiac in origin.

Another situation where this test is especially valuable is in a patient with a very strong family history of premature heart disease.

We then briefly talk about the “widow maker” artery and exactly what it is.

Of course the question of whether insurance covers this test comes up and the good news is that some insurances do pay for the cardiac CT.

Dr. Karlsberg points out how this test could actually allow someone with no cardiac plaque to come off of some of their cardiac medicines– specifically statins.

Dr. Karlsberg goes on to talk about new drugs that he is evaluating with which the HDL also known as the good cholesterol can be increased by 130%.

After this part two of the interview, I go on to answer several questions submitted by listeners just like you. I appreciate the questions because it lets me expand the show and also give guidance to my listeners.

In this podcast I address the questions sent in by Gail and another listener Akea (? not sure about how she spells her name) regarding SIBO and its treatment. I am seeing so many patients with SIBO and I talk about why I think it is becoming more prevalent.

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