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This is the second part of my podcast interview with Walter Crinnion ND, on the role of environmental toxins in causation of Attention Deficit Disorder in children.

I open this podcast talking about how proposition 37 was turned down by the voters thanks to an enormous amount of money put in by large corporations who did not want their products to lose money. This was a proposition which would have required products containing genetically modified organisms to be labeled. (GMO’s)

You can learn more about this subject by going to the website www.responsibletechnology.org.

I also remind you about the importance clean fresh seeds that we all grow our food from. There is an excellent video that is narrated by Jeremy Irons that you can watch at this website.

We open this podcast by talking about the role that heavy metals play in the diagnosis of ADD and ADHD.

Dr. Crinnion talks about how the mother is eating tuna to get the fish oil to have a smart kid. But the methylmercury that comes along with the fish can dramatically increase the child’s risk of ADHD. Dr. Crinnion expresses that mercury and PCBs which is also in farmed salmon negates the benefit of the fish oil and take the brain the other way.

We talk about a product called Neuromins in which is a DHA product that is derived from a vegetarian source. He also points out that DHA also helps older people with their brains as well!

We then talk about the role of lead in contributing to ADHD as well. There is a new article in the October 2012 issue of environmental health perspectives in which they discuss prenatal methylmercury and lead and ADHD symptomatology in childhood.

Dr. Crinnion also reminds us that women should take calcium whilepregnant to prevent lead being leached out of their bones and going into the fetus.

We both discuss how heavy metal toxicity in the mother is easily treatable before she becomes pregnant.

Dr. Crinnion reviews the specific  lead blood levels in children that are associated with ADD.

We talk about the myth that people think children get lead poisoning from eating paint in their house. In point of fact if there is lead paint in a house it breaks down on its own into the fine dust which is then breathed in in the house. Also lead from leaded gasoline used in cars before it was made illegal, still remains in the soil around the homes.

Dr. Crinnion gives the example of a nice area in downtown Seattle that was close to Interstate 5. They recently found that the soil in the beautiful upscale neighborhoods in the area near the freeway were so contaminated with lead that the owners were told to cement over the dirt and not to let the kids play.

Also he points out that there is lead in cigarettes so that if a parent is smoking in the home, the child gets exposed to lead that way as well.

We also talk about plastic toys and how they may contain lead especially for imported from China. This includes the recent fiasco of a large food chain which had to recall over 1 million toys that they had given out to children because they discovered lead in all the toys.

Herbert Needleman M.D. was one of the original doctors who show that lead in low levels can affect children’s neurodevelopment.

Organophosphates and phthalates are also problems in regards to ADD. Parents do not realize this. For example they will install a new shower curtain which out gases phthalates for a long time. Phthalates are plasticizers. Parents should begin to pay attention to the personal care products which contain phthalates.

Also air filtration and furnace filtering on important issues in the house to keep the air clean

We talk about preconception care and our ability now with modern technology to measure women’s levels of these chemicals and metals before they get pregnant in addition we can clean them out.

As a side issue Dr. Crinnion reminds us that the higher the level of phthalates in your blood and urine the bigger your waistline. This is because they were also metabolic disruptors.

The question comes up how do you find a doctor and its knowledgeable about this. Dr. Crinnion has created on his website a list of the doctors that have taken the environmental training course that he’s been giving for the last 12 years.

I refer you to Dr. Walter Crinnion’s excellent book Clean, Green, and Lean, which is an excellent practical guide to how to get your house clean of foreign chemicals. This would be a great asset for preparing your house for a new baby.

The book is here

And kindle version here.

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