043-Ask Dr Soram Watch Me on Dr Oz This Friday December 21! And Part 2 of My Interview with Michael Gregor, M.D.


KhalsaI am so happy to announce that this Friday December 21, 2012 I will appear on the Dr Oz Show! You can click here to find your local station and time for the show. Most of my patients and I myself will be at work during this daytime show, so we are going to “Tivo” -record the show to watch when we get home.

I recorded the show in New York in September. It was really a fun thing to do and I was delighted that they gave me three segments with Dr. Oz.

In the first segment we talk about Integrative Medicine. In the second segment we talk about vitamin D and my book on vitamin D. In the third segment, the producers of the show had flown in two of my “Fans” from my website and my podcast site and we met for the first time live on stage in front of the audience! This was truly a thrilling moment to know that I have “Fans” out there, like you who are benefiting from my writing and my podcasts.

After we meet each other, I then teach the two ladies and Dr. Oz a few exercises of Kundalini Yoga. As most of you know I’ve been doing Kundalini Yoga for over 40 years. I still practice it every morning when I get up.

Let me know what you think when you watch the show! I’m excited to see it myself! I hope to hear from you.

My Interview For This Show

I hope you are enjoying my interview of Michael Gregor M.D. as much as I am.

This is part two of my interview and we start out with my asking Dr. Gregor about calcium. He gives the recommendations for calcium of 1000 mg per day.. He does encourage all of us to get our calcium from food however rather than pills.

I then go on to ask Dr.Gregor about the use of the very popular Human Growth Hormone shots. Some of my patients get the shots from other colleagues in town and I do not feel that they are safe. Dr. Krieger gives a very clear explanation on why Human Growth hormone shots are not good for you. Growth hormone not only helps transform the abnormal cells and cancer cells in the first place, it also helps them survive and increases their growth, migration and invasion.

We talk about the difference in growth hormone levels in vegetarians who eat dairy and in vegans who do not. This makes for a very interesting conversation.

We then go on to talk about Premenstrual Syndrome which is so common in our society. Dr. Gregor estimated that one in three women have this condition. Dr. Gregor talks about the amazing research with the spice saffron. Not only did swallowing pills of saffron help women with PMS, but even smelling saffron was helpful! This is amazing! The oral dose of saffron that was used is 30 mg. He encourages you to buy it in the spice aisle rather than in the drugstore aisle. This way you can just add it to your food.

Dr. Gregor laments that there are not more people like him who “troll” through the medical literature finding things to bring out to the world that are not in the major medical journals but which are solidly researched. Dr. Gregor tells me that he has had 5 million hits on his website to watch his videos.

Dr. Gregor and and I then discuss Hormone Replacement Therapy for menopausal women and andropausal men. He is not a big fan of bioidentical hormones. I point out to him  an article which has recently looked at a 10 year study of hormone replacement on women that started hormones at menopause. The study showed that using hormones from the beginning of menopause did not increase the incidence of cancer at all,and indeed decreased heart disease by 50%.

That concludes the second part of our interview in the next and final part of the interview will open with my questions to Dr. Gregor about exercise.

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