044-Ask Dr Soram- FAQ on Dr Oz and Part 3 with Michael Gregor, M.D.


gregor web site part 3 of interviewI am so gratified and indeed humbled by your overwhelming response to my recent appearance on Dr Oz.

Because I see patients every day I do recognize the tremendous need that so many people in America have for Integrative Medicine. By using natural types of medicines along with lifestyle changes so many health conditions in America can be very much helped. In addition, with this approach, very often medications can be reduced.

With all the hundreds of questions I’ve received from you, I’m trying to create a way to help you with answers to your questions. Please understand I’m a single physician in practice and I need some type of organized system to give you answers, without being your doctor.

I have created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to answer the main categories of questions that you have asked. You can find it here.

I’ve created a quick questionnaire online to see if you would be interested in attending webinars that I would hold. In addition it asked if you would be willing to pay small fee to help cover the overhead of running these webinars? I would appreciate your letting me know by filling out this questionnaire which will only take less than a minute. You can find it here.

For those of you who did not get to see my appearance on Dr. Oz you can watch 2 of the 3 segments RIGHT HERE.

Unfortunately the third part is not yet online and I’m asking the producers if they can add it as it was my favorite part! On this segment I was introduced to Kathy Smart and Cynthia Besson, who have been fans of mine from my blog and podcast. We met for the first time in person on the show! Then, along with two ladies I taught Dr.’s some Kundalini Yoga on camera!

Also you can read my article for Dr Oz’s site here

I look forward to staying in touch with you. You may leave me comments below this article.

Let’s transition now to my interview for this podcast.

This is the final segment of my interview with Dr. Michael Gregor.

In this segment I start out by asking him about exercise. He reminds us that the most important muscle in the body is the cardiac muscle. He recommends walking four miles per hour per day he reminds us that we can make it fun, and he does remind us that there are other exercises that we can do instead. Exercise helps us with insulin sensitivity and other biochemical processes that keep us healthy.

We then talk about natural treatment for high blood pressure. Even independent of obesity, a plant based diet can bring blood pressure down. Dr. Gregor talks about the use of drugs for blood pressure as well and he says it is controversial whether or not drugs for high blood pressure actually reduce mortality rates.

The whole food plant-based diet he reminds us not only lowers blood pressure, but the same diet lowers heart disease and the same diet reverses diabetes. He says “It’s kind of like mother nature has been trying to tell us something… But nobody has been listening.”.

We then go on to talk about diabetes and how 10-year-olds are now getting Type II diabetes. He reminds us that this is an emerging epidemic even people at the exact same weight who eat more plants have a lower diabetes risk. This is analogous to the people that have stomachs – stapling surgery which will improve their diabetes even before they lose weight just by having the surgery.

Next we talk about fibromyalgia and how many people with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia actually have a vitamin D deficiency. Of course I wholeheartedly agree with this. In addition Dr. Gregor always puts his patients on a whole food plant-based diet for fibromyalgia.

I then go on to ask the question that’s been burning on my mind for a while. Tthat is whether a whole food plant-based diet protects us from environmental toxins effects? He reminds us that many of our farm animals are fed the remains of other farm animals. So when we eat animals, we are eating higher on the food chain, which is more likely to have pesticides. Dr. Gregor recommends that we eat low on the food chain and purely organic to minimize our exposure to environmental toxins.

We then go on to talk about cholesterol. Dr. Gregor definitely feels it is best to keep our LDL or bad cholesterol at 60 to 70 g with a total cholesterol of 150. He points out that the average cholesterol of people eating a vegan diet is 150. He reminds us that doctors should give their patients the opportunity to try to change and not work under the assumption that they will never change their bad habits whether it be smoking or the type of diet that they are on.

For more information about Dr. Gregor or to watch his videos you may go to his personal website at HERE or his video website HERE. I do recommend you subscribe by email to his daily videos which are only 2 to 3 minutes long and just full of information on the latest in good health.

Dr Gregor has just posted his 10 most watched videos of the year 2012 and you can see them here, which is a great way to start out with his videos!

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  • Mary

    Thank you so much for al of your amazing work Dr Soram. You should meet Norm Shealy MD/Homeopath- he too has been advocating Vit D for many years. Am wondering what you recommend for an acidic stomach. I know it is no simple answer. Know that my dietary choices are exemplary and I meditate regularly. I also take Vid D and some other supplements. I am a bit confused as there is a school that advocates taking Betaine HCl because they believe it is a low acid problem- but taking many pills at each meal does not quite feel right. Any thoughts/ ideas would be greatly appreciated. And I shall go now and like you on FB! 🙂 I love your newsletter. ps Just heard your guest on your podcast mention strengthening the out breath for a sloppy sphincter. I also have angst over the stress in my husband’s life and therefore, ours. I do not detach easily. Listening further as I type- will now go and sing to lift my spirits! 🙂 Maybe I have my answers already. xo