047-Ask Dr Soram- Part 3 of My Gluten Interview with Dr. Tom O’Bryan- Allergies on the Rise and Breast Cancer Prevention in the News!


gluten free small sizeI open the show talking about the rise in allergies secondary to global warming. My patients have been coming in with allergies and in February, the pollen count in Los Angeles is higher than I’ve ever seen at this time of the year. Global warming is directly linked to this.

In the show I give some suggestions for managing allergies using a natural approach.

Here are the links mentioned in the podcast to the allergy epidemic we are having now.

Seasonal Allergies Getting Worse From Climate Change

Pollen Allergy Forecast

The allergy video I mention is here

The PDF article on extreme allergy and global warming is here

Yoga is coming to its own and finally being proved to be helpful for human disease! As my readers know I’ve been practicing kundalini yoga for over 40 years and I’m so gratified to see articles about yoga appearing in the most conventional of all medical journals, such as American Journal of Cardiology.

Here it is showing that yoga can significantly reduce the frequency of atrial fibrillation a very common heart condition. If your relatives or friends live with this condition, please refer them to this article.

I’ve discussed with you, my readers and listeners, for a long time the relationship between vitamin D and breast cancer. Dr. Garland is my friend and colleague who wrote the original epidemiologic article that I have quoted in my book and on my recent appearance on Dr. Oz.

Now Dr. Garland has published a PROSPECTIVE study showing that there is a link between low vitamin D and breast cancer.

Here’s the article.

Finally, I talk about the landmark event of an agency of the National Institute Of Health confirming what I’ve talked about on my podcast for so long – the link between the environment and breast cancer. In addition they are changing the focus of breast cancer to be more towards prevention rather than only diagnosis and treatment. This is a glorious day for the women of the world!

Jeanne Rizzo has written our article for the Huffington Post entitled Welcome to the Breast Cancer Prevention Era.

You can read it here

and you can read the official document from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences at this link. The title of the article is Breast Cancer and Environment – Prioritizing Prevention

The Interview on Gluten

We then finalize my three-part interview with Dr. Tom O’Bryan on gluten sensitivity.

In this section we talk about the accuracy of Celiac tests, and its 6 to 1 ratio of gluten sensitivity to celiac disease diagnosis. Dr. O’Bryan calls this gluten sensitivity epidemic  “Foundational Problem”. You can find a list of practitioners who have been qualified from Dr. O’Bryan’s training on his website here.

Dr. Tom’s main website is here

Then in this show I answer the following questions:

1. An integrative medicine doctor’s answer to weight loss.

2. A few words about Parkinson’s disease.

3. Vitamin D and pregnancy – a very important issue.

4. An integrative approach to allergy management.

5. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, vitamin D, and a comment from a listener about
the clarity of my skin!

I also announced in this podcast that many listeners are asking me to guide them to physician-quality products that can help their health. I’m going to be setting up a survey monkey questionnaire asking if you would be interested in my having such products available on my website that you can buy through my site.

Also I announced that the voicemail system I’ve been using is not working that well, and I invite you to send your questions to me by email and not by voicemail until we get this problem resolved. My email is on the front page of my site.

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Wishing you the best in health through understanding Enlightened
Medicine, Conscious Living, and Compassionate Healing.

Dr. Soram

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