5 Behaviors That Promote Healthy Living Past Age 90

aging wellWhat does it take to live to be 100, or even 91? Ask a handful of centenarians, and you’re likely to get a handful of different answers.
“Keep a smile on your face,” “No tobacco,” “Treat others how you want to be treated,” and “Drink a warm beer before bed,” are all words of longevity from people who have passed the 100-year point.

In fact, this exclusive group of people who are over 100 are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, their numbers at 40,000 and growing strong.

If you would like to someday join those who are 100+, it turns out that there may be more to it than just luck. A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine has uncovered five keys that can, in fact, help you to live longer.

The study involved more than 2,300 men whose average age at the beginning of the study (in 1981) was 72. The men answered yearly questionnaires about their health and lifestyle, and were tested for mental and physical functioning. In 2008, 970 of the men made it into their 90s.

It turns out that there were five factors that helped them to not only live longer, but also to be healthy and well-functioning in their older years.

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