The Food Revolution Summit

I get asked questions all the time from patients and readers about food and concerns about food for their families. “Should I go Paleo or should I be a Vegan?” is a common question. Now there is an online Summit to help you answer these questions for yourselves.

Are you worried about what’s happening with our food? About the pesticides and GMOs in meals your family maybe eating, and how they might affect you in the long term? Now finally there is a Food Summit to help you answer these questions for  yourselves and it is FREE !

The summit has already started when you read this, so please sign up now!

The statistics show an alarming rise in health issues that parallels the spread of harmful chemicals in our food supply.

The good news is: there are so many ways to eat deliciously and see your health improve—if you know what to watch out for.

Check out the Food Revolution Summit here.

The food industry has hijacked the marketplace and processed junk food is pretty much everywhere. Even many so-called “natural” foods actually turn out to be hazardous to your health.

And now we’re even seeing genetically modified ingredients showing up in “health” foods, even those labeled “all-natural”!

Enough is enough!

From April 30- May 8, my friends, John and Ocean Robbins, are interviewing 25 of the top doctors,activists, and scientists in the food world — including speakers like Christiane Northrup, MD; Mark Hyman, MD; Joel Fuhrman, MD; Jane Goodall Ph.D; David Perlmutter, MD; and Vani Hari.

You can get it all online,from anywhere on earth — for no cost. You’ll discover tips and tools to keep you and your loved ones healthy for life. So if you want to feel good about your food, enjoy more energy, vitality and increased immunity, this is the place to be!

When it comes to your health and the lives of those you love, the time to get informed and take action is NOW. And this is the place to do it.

Check it out and sign up for the Food Revolution Summit here.

I’ll see you there!

Dr Soram

P.S. Remember, The Food Revolution Summit is free! Now you can enjoy inspiration and support from the top 25 food experts, showing you how to eat safe, healthy and delicious food.  I hope you’ll join me! Just click the link to reserve your spot and get the truth about the connection between food and your health.

Diabetes and Your Oral Health: Facts You Need to Know

Nearly 24 million Americans have diabetes, 6 million of whom have not yet been diagnosed. Another 57 million suffer from pre-diabetes, which often progresses to the full-blown disease, and many of these people are also unaware they have the condition.

When you have type 2 diabetes, your body either does not make enough insulin or your cells become resistant to it. This means that when you eat, sugar from your meals builds up in your bloodstream because there isn’t enough insulin to remove it and transfer it to your cells.

The resulting high blood sugar that often occurs in diabetics is associated with a range of health complications, some of which you may not expect. In fact, one of the most often overlooked health issue that occurs alongside diabetes is gum disease … and this can be a very serious issue for your overall health.

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Spring Cleaning for Your Body: 10 Steps to Detoxify and Get Healthier for Spring

Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda, the ancient healing system from India, both recommend springtime as the ideal season to detox your body. The rebirth of nature that happens during this time harmonizes with a cleansing and renewing of your body. Plus, some of us tend to get lax about our diets and exercise routines during the cold winter months, which means come spring we’re ready to come out of hibernation.

Why Do You Need to Detox?

Modern living isn’t exactly pure. Every day we’re exposed to chemicals in our food and water, pollution in our air, and emotional stress in our lives. Over time, these toxins accumulate in your body and can manifest as insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems, aches and pains or even chronic disease.

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Nine Uncommon “Green Leafy Vegetables” Worth Trying

Bok choyYou hear it virtually everywhere these days: eat more green leafy vegetables. And with good reason; leafy greens are among the most nutritious of all vegetables, offering major benefits to your entire body, including your brain, your bones and your heart, while helping to prevent cancer, detoxify your body, boost your immune system and give your more energy. Not bad for a bowl full of greens!

However, most Americans are not eating enough of these incredibly healthy foods. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that less than one-third of American adults eat the amount of fruits and vegetables the government recommends, despite the fact that diets rich in these healthy foods are known to prevent disease.

Give These Uncommon Greens a Try

If your diet is lacking in healthy greens, or if you’re looking to experiment with a tasty and healthy side dish tonight, the following greens deserve a spot on your table. They’re incredibly good for you, low in calories, easy to prepare and, best of all, they’re delicious.

Amazing Facts about U.S. Homes, Mortgages & Homeowners, Plus the Most Common Home Styles

home ownersBuying a home is an integral part of American culture, and ranks way up there on most people’s idea of the “American Dream.” Echoing this, the United States has about 3.75 million homes for sale, and nearly 69 percent of Americans are homeowners, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

The average purchase price for a single-family home went up over 14% in December 2015. The average price in your market area matters most! By example the average price was $214,000 in July, 2014, up 13.5 percent from a year prior versus in October 2006 was $306,258, according to the The Federal Housing Finance Board. Although the market has been improving clearly most home owners are still challenged with their homes not being at the price level they would like while many first time home buyers still struggle with finding affordable housing due to the increases in other inflation based costs yet while mortgage rates are going up the deflation trends due to such factors as gas prices should begin to free up more financing..

For instance, average families who live in the middle income areas like Dupage County, IL, and earn the county’s median income of $72,400, could not afford to purchase a single-family home at the median 2006 rate in the area, $343,500. Today they could be struggling with “getting bank approvals” and per government guidelines at the current median rate level of $214,000.



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How Does the Way You Think Impact Your Health?

“Disease cannot live in a body that’s in a healthy emotional state,” at least, so says author Bob Proctor in the film, “The Secret.” “The Secret” — which was not being shown in theaters, but rather was spread through a viral, grassroots marketing campaign — discussed a centuries-old principle that has earned a “new-age” reputation.

“The secret is the Law of Attraction. Everything that’s coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it’s attracted to you by virtue of the images you’re holding in your mind,” Proctor said.

The idea is simple and very general: whatever it is that you focus on, think about and occupy your thoughts with will appear in your life. Humans, in this way, are like magnets, attracting into their lives whatever it is their emotions, beliefs and thoughts focus on.

However, says Katherine Puckett, LCSW, director of mind-body medicine at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, while stress and negative emotions can certainly contribute to illness, things aren’t always so black and white.


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I am closing my online Vitamin D Store

I am sad to announce to my patients and readers that I am closing my online Vitamin D store effective this week.

Due to my very busy practice of medicine, along with my very time-consuming teaching schedule at the UCLA School of Medicine, I have not had the time to attend my online store like I did when I first opened it seven years ago.

I have wanted to keep the online store open as long as I could because it is a guaranteed source for the exact amount of vitamin D that is listed on the label. As I have told you before in my writings, unreliable labeling with regard to potency is common. A recent study by the multiple sclerosis consortium of physicians found after purchasing 10 different brands of vitamin D, none of them had the amount on the label. In fact they averaged 34% of what was on the label.

I know that for this reason many of you have continued to buy vitamin D from me for many years. In addition, I have tried to keep the price of my vitamin D very reasonable.

I will still be providing my vitamin D3 for the patients in my own practice of medicine. However, regrettably I will not be able to fill any mail order requests for vitamin D that you might submit to my office, as I just don’t have the staff to manage it at this time.

Two points of good news in all this:

  1. You can buy high-quality vitamin D from my online vitamin store -Dr Soram’s Healthy Living Shop. You can find it by clicking here. You will need to register to become a customer, but registration is easy. You will be able to find good brands of vitamin D there. Specifically, you can find the 1000 IU and the 5000 IU potencies.
  2. The other bit of good news is that I am hopeful at a future time I will be able to open a bigger online store with more of my own labeled products for many different health conditions. My Vitamin D of course would be part of that store.

Again, thank you to all of you for being my customers for so long . I look forward to staying in touch with you through my newsletter and on Twitter and Facebook.

Dr Soram

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Also remember to visit my Healthy Living Shop where you can get physician quality supplements for your health! If this is your first purchase at the store, you can use the code VPP10FT to get a one-time 10% discount on the entire order (before S&H and Tax).


Radon Essentials: What You Need to Know About Radon

Representation of rn-222 atomRadon is a cancer-causing radioactive gas. You cannot see, smell or taste radon but it may be a problem in your home. When you breathe air containing radon, you increase your risk of getting lung cancer. In fact, the Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. If you smoke and your home has high radon levels, your risk of lung cancer is especially high.

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Surgeons General’s Office have urged widespread testing for radon. They estimated that as many as 20,000 lung cancer deaths are caused each year by radon. Next to smoking, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

The EPA says that nearly 1 in 3 homes checked in seven states and on three Indian lands had screening levels over 4 pCi/L, the EPA’s recommended action level for radon exposure.

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The Healing Power of “Silence”

noise healthNoise exists all around us, externally in the form of things like traffic, television, and cell phones, and internally in the form of constant thoughts. More and more, both mainstream and alternative experts are encouraging increased silence, both from outside and inside your mind, as a way to improve your health and well-being.

Hospitals Reduce Noise to Help Healing

Noise levels at hospitals around the world are known to be incredibly high, and now anti-noise campaigns have been started to help keep things quiet.

According to Margaret Amato, clinical director of nursing at Montefiore Medical Center, noise levels during a shift change in a hospital can reach 113 decibels (a motorcycle, for comparison, is 95 decibels).

“Hospital noise levels are far too high internationally, and this has been known for decades,” said Roger Ulrich, a professor of architecture at Texas A&M University.

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Back Pain: The Nine Most Common Sources of It and Natural Steps to Remedy It

back painBack pain is extremely common, with four out of five adults facing it at least once during their lives, according to the Mayo Clinic.

And a nationwide phone survey of over 1,200 Americans, sponsored by Stanford University Medical Center, ABC News and USA Today, found that back pain was the most common type of pain reported (followed by knee and shoulder pain, joint pain and headaches).

Because your back is part of your body’s core muscles, and is necessary for nearly every movement you make, it’s also very vulnerable to injury. In fact, most back pain is caused by overusing, straining or injuring the muscles, ligaments and disks that support your spine.

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