Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) and The BEMER Instrument

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been used in Europe for over a decade. I’m delighted to let all my patients know that it is now come to America. It is approved as an FDA class one device, which means it is approved for the use of general health and well-being.

We are now using one such device at the clinic in our IV Push rooms.  Every patient getting an IV Push that room will get a treatment on this device. On NON-IV day patients getting acupuncture in that room will get a treatment on the BEMER.

All the stresses, preservatives in our food, and toxins in our environment serve to clog up our “microcirculation”. The microcirculation is theblood that flows in our tiniest capillaries which carry blood to every organ in the body. It is estimated that 75% of the blood vessels in our body are capillaries.

When blood flow is impaired it leads to a lack of oxygen in the capillaries. This leads to oxidative stress, which then begins to impair cell metabolism. This over time leads to an increase in dysfunction of more and more of our cells, which then leads to dysfunction at an organ level and then leads to symptoms and disease diagnosis that is visible

I show a graph of this iceberg-like effect below:

Iceberg photo for web

Extensive research in Europe has shown that very specific pulsing of a magnetic field can open capillary flow thereby restore blood supply at the microcirculation level. There are several instruments that do this but Bemer is absolutely the best in the world.

Below I have put two video lectures. The first one is by Dr Dietmar Winzker an engineer from South Africa, who has been using the Bemer for over 13 years. It is an excellent introduction into the concepts underlying the benefits of pulsed electromagnetic fields.
The second video is a lecture by Anne Bernard, L.Ac, and gives an excellent clinical perspective on the use of the Bemer machine. [You may have to click TWICE on each video to see it properly-I am working to fix this!]

I invite you to ask me about this wonderful new medical device, the next time you see me. Please let me know what you think of the videos.

Here is the video by Anne-

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