Book Review: Anti-Cancer A New Way of Life

anti cancer breast cancer I am delighted to share with my readers a new book I am reading called Anticancer, A New Way of Life, New Edition by David Servan-Schreiber. Dr. Servan-Schreiber, the author of the book had brain cancer himself and this changed his life dramatically. As a result of his cancer, he studied all possible ways that he could get well including enhancing his body's own natural cancer fighting capabilities. He is now healthy.

Dr. Servan-Schreiber explains how certain foods and environmental toxins  help cancer cells to thrive. He explains what inhibits them as well. Most importantly, he explains many ways to strengthen your immune system to prevent their growth.

He shows how sugar contributes to cancer.  And most importantly, how it is the sugar that obese people eat in excess, and not the obesity itself, that is the contributor to cancer. This occurs through sugar's impact on a molecule called IGF1, which is related to growth hormone.

He reviews diet and cancer fighting foods. I am delighted that he mentions the important role that vitamin D plays in slowing cancer growth. Of course I discuss this extensively in my own book as well.

 He explains why it is important to avoid sugars and bleached flowers.

He has a wonderful chapter on the role of our environment and the toxicity in our household products that contribute to cancer.

In addition he also talks about the optimized mind-body balance to remain positive and healthy.

I am happy to say that this was the book that I would have written if I only I had the time, and was not in full-time practice of medicine.

If you have friends or loved ones who have been affected by cancer, I urge you to share this book with them.

You can get this book by clicking the cover picture below:

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