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I want to be sure that all my patients saw the rather controversial article on the cover of the New York Times Magazine last week. It was about breast cancer and the whole conversation about whether mammograms done annually are helpful at all. The author Peggy Orenstein,  is a famous writer who is a breast cancer survivor. She brings out many interesting perspectives from both sides of the breast cancer story.

As you know, epidemiologic studies have shown that if every woman in America had a vitamin D blood level above 52 ng/mL,  we would  reduce the incidence of breast cancer by 50%. Some day when the drug companies are not watching this will appear on the front page of a  newspaper! 

Right now, I cannot get anybody in the breast cancer movement to hear me when I say this.

I believe that the whole thrust for breast cancer research should be on prevention, rather than all the money going to developing new chemotherapy.

I will appreciate your thoughts.


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