Could You Achieve a Better Health Condition When You’re Over 50?

raw foodYour body is always in a state of change; you are either improving or declining your current state of health … and what you do and eat on a “daily basis” greatly influences your decline or improved health plus what quality of life you will have in the future.

Many doctors and health gurus have shown that you can be in good shape well into your later years – if you are committed to living well (like Jack Lalanne, Dr. Rober Cassar, etc.). We are seeing more and more people in their 50s, 60s and 70s by example showing us how attention to a healthful lifestyle can change your body and your life.

What exactly does that entail? Dr. Robert Cassar, a former body builder, chiropractor, naturalist, and raw foodist who has seemingly defied the hands of time while in his early 50s just years after an accident that broke his back —  shared some of his secrets, which include …
Raw Food Advocates

Most everyone eats some amount of raw foods nearly every day in salads, fuits and or nuts plus various raw sea foods, sushi, vegetable munchies, etc.

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