Do You Know About Uber?

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Even though my newsletter is mostly about health and wellness, from time to time I find things which I want to share with my patients which I think are very helpful. One of my young patients introduced me to this!

If you don’t already know about it, there is a great service in Los Angeles and many other major cities called Uber. Uber is a car service that directly integrates with your smart phone. There are apps for both iPhone and android phones now. Uber has cars all over the city and you order one right from your cell phone. The car usually picks you up within 5 to 6 minutes. Prices are significantly cheaper than a taxicab.

You can pick one of three levels of car:

1. A black limo type car.

2. A Prius type of car which is less expensive.

3. An SUV.

You register yourself with your credit card and they do not require tips. The driver will pick you up, take you to your destination, and you get out of the car! It’s all done automatically through your smart phone and your credit card.

You can find out more about it HERE. If you use that link, they will apply a $10 credit to your new account!  Who knows? You might want to take an Uber car to your next office visit.


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