Eating Raw: The Advantages and Disadvantages According to Various Experts

eating raw food

A raw food movement has sweept across North America, advocating a diet of anywhere from 70 percent to 100 percent raw foods.

Raw foodists claim that switching to a predominantly raw food diet will give you more energy, slow down aging, improve your skin, boost your mood, and fight a host of chronic diseases including chronic fatigue syndrome, Crohn’s disease and even cancer.

A true raw food diet consists of only raw foods, traditionally vegan ones like vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. However, some raw foodists also eat raw dairy products, raw eggs and even raw meat.

“When you cook something, you destroy the enzymes,” said Karyn Calabrese, a well-known raw foodist in the Chicago-area in an NBC5 article. “You need enzymes for every metabolic purpose in your body. When you lose enzymes, that’s when you die.”

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