Eight Deadliest Superbugs Found Daily in Hospitals

superbugsEvery year 48,000 Americans die from a hospital-acquired infection (HAI) — an infection they DID NOT have when they entered. Increasingly, people are finding that hospitals are some of the worst places to be, as they are literally crawling with germs, some of them “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics and other treatments.

In the largest nationally representative study to date, researchers revealed that both sepsis and pneumonia, two infections commonly acquired while in the hospital, are costing U.S. patients a staggering amount in increased health care costs and some are paying with their very lives.

Close to 20 percent of people, who developed sepsis after surgery, died — a number made all the more tragic as sepsis is a bloodstream infection that is often preventable. It often occurs because medical equipment is not properly sterilized during surgery.

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