Epigenetics and You

The new science of epigenetics is coming to the forefront and is finally appearing in the lay literature.The word “Epi” means above. Therefore “epigenetics” means “above the gene.”

What this basically means is that our genes are not written in stone. A gene’s expression can be changed based on the foods we eat, the lifestyle we live, and even our emotional state.

Most recently it is being recognized that the food your grandparents ate affects your genes. Similarly, the food that we eat affects our offspring’s genetics. This new science is called “Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance” (TEI).This is simply a big expression that means that the things we do to our genes by our diet, our lifestyle and our mental state are transmitted to our children and their children, and further.

How Far Can This Go?

I recently was at a medical convention about the newest epigenetic research. It is known that when a mouse is exposed to certain pesticides, its genes change. It has now been discovered, that this changed gene is passed down all the way through the fifth generation of its offspring. The scientists did not go beyond measuring the fifth generation.

I encourage you to read this article, if you are interested in the subject.


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