Epigenetics and Healthy Choices: How Your Environment and Personal Choices Can Affect Your Development, Health and Even Your Genetic Makeup

It’s fair to say that the average American, at one point and time in their life, has wished that they could change something about themselves. Whether it’s a smaller nose, better logic, or more mathematical skills, many of us wish for better genetic traits because we know that we can’t control our inheritances – or, in simpler terms, we can’t change what our parents gave us.
Or Can We?

For years studies have found evidence proving that our genes can actually change through experiences and lifestyle choices.

Philip Hunter, a science writer specializing in biology, explains this phenomenon, known as epigenetics, in his paper “What Genes Remember”:

“It has long been known that an organism’s fate is not determined by genes alone. This much we can tell by observing identical twins, who over time tend to diverge both physiologically (developing differences in, say, height and posture) and psychologically (exhibiting different personality traits and even, sometimes, sexual orientations). Despite most identical twins having similar diets and lifestyles, subtle cultural and environmental distinctions appear to alter their phenotype—the sum of their nature and nurture.”

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