Epigenetics-The Future of Medicine

For a long time now I have spoken and written about the importance of Epigenetics. The word “Epi-“ means ABOVE the genes.

We now know that our genes are not written in stone. In fact there are many “YOUS” in you. It is our Environment that turns on or off the genes. This Environment has a capital E because it is everything in our environment.

Everything from the food we eat, to the supplements we take,and even the thoughts we have, turns on and off our genes and allows them to  either make or stop making proteins that are either good or bad for us.

One of mother nature’s strongest epigenetic molecules is vitamin D. That is why I wrote an entire book on it several years ago. Vitamin Dis known to directly impact over 200 in some say as many as 2000 genes in our body.

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