Excess Stomach Fat Increases Risk for Heart Disease and Cancer

Man holding his big fat belly isolated on white backgroundI am delighted my writers have written about Belly Fat in their first article this week, because it fits in with the newest findings about the problems with belly fat that I review here.

Yet another study, this time more sophisticated, has proven that individuals with excessive abdominal fat have a greater risk of heart disease and cancer than other people who carry their fat in other areas of the body, even though they have the same body mass Index. The hips and thighs are a less risky place to carry body fat.

This study was the first to use CT scans to specifically document and locate fat deposits in the body.

Abdominal fat typically indicates that there is fat around internal organs which was consistantly associated with heart disease and cancer in the study after adjusting for other risk factors.

Carolyn Fox M.D. senior author on the study is quoted as saying “Contrary to previously published studies comparing BMI and waist circumference, the presence of abdominal fat improved the ability to predict for cardiovascular disease, supporting the hypothesis that abdominal fat may partially underlie the association of body fat in heart disease and cancer.”

Maureen Talbot, a senior cardiac nurse at the British Part Foundation said “We already know that excess stomach fat increases your risk of developing heart disease but this research confirms there’s a greater risk even if you have a normal BMI.

This is just another motivator for all of us to keep our belly fat to a minimum.


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