Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) After My Dr Oz Appearance

Yoga on set  smallerI am overwhelmed by your response to my recent appearance on the Dr Oz show. I would like to help each and every one of you with your health problems, as I know what disease-care in our country is like. However I am one doctor and can only do my best to answer all your questions and give you guidance.

I have written this response to your specific individual questions and calls for help and will do my best to answer questions as outlined below:

I am considering  setting up a regular series of webinars to answer your questions and talk about health from an Integrative Medicine Point of view. If you are interested please fill out this 2 question survey online to let me know your interest

Webinar Questions

The questions you have written to  me fall into Four categories.  Please see the paragraph relevant to the question that you asked.

1. For those with questions about where to purchase Dr. Soram’s Vitamin D:

Please go to  Dr. Soram’s Vitamin D supplements, DVD, book, and at-home Vitamin D test kits are all available on his website.  Please note that due to an overwhelming demand, the Vitamin D 2000 IU is on backorder and will be available in mid to late January.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer international shipping.

2. For those inquiring about other doctors who practice Integrative Medicine:

You may find other doctors who practice Integrative and Functional Medicine in your area on the following websites:


3. For those interested in seeing Dr. Soram for a consultation:

Dr. Soram is currently accepting new patients in his Beverly Hills, CA office.

Please note that like most integrative doctors, Dr. Soram does not take insurance or Medicare.  He is a fee-for-service physician.

Also, the new patient process begins with a 15 minute consultation with the doctor.  In this consultation you will have a chance to meet Dr. Soram and he will have a chance to evaluate why you have come.  This will allow him to tell you if he thinks he is likely to be able to help you, and it will let you meet him personally to see if you want to continue your care with him.  After this consultation if you are going to begin treatment, a complete physical examination will be scheduled some time in the following 1-2 weeks.

4. Answers to your email questions about your personal health:

Dr Soram unfortunately can NOT reply by email to each of your personal health questions as he has received so many emails.  He will answer  questions sent to him on his podcasts and may start Webinars to address bigger questions.  The questions will be addressed in the order they have been received. Please know that Dr Soram cannot TELL you specifically what to do as he has never met you. He will be able to give general directions of information to bring to your own doctor.

Thank you again for your overwhelming response to my appearance on Dr Oz!

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