Fracture Prevention with Vitamin D in the ederly

An article analyzing 12 clinical trials of Vitamin D supplementation for hip fracture prevention in people over 65, was recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. 

The major finding was that fracture prevention was dependent on how much Vitamin D was taken. Higher doses meant reduction of fractures by “at least” 20% for the individuals 65-and-over who were studied.

Higher doses in the case of this article meant merely more than 400 Units per day!  Of great interest to me was that the effect of the vitamin D on fractures was independent of the patient taking additional calcium.

I have to wonder what would happen if every nursing home in America gave their patients 1000-2000IU of Vitamin D every day! For as we know other aspects of seniors health is also connected with low vitamin D. The bottom line for my readers is be sure you and your parents are taking vitamin D every day.




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