You Are What Your Grandparents Ate!

In regards to Transgenerational Epigenetic Inheritance (TEI),that I discussed in the previous article, it has recently been learned that a traumatic event can affect the DNA in sperm and alter the brains and behavior of subsequent generations.

One of the researchers of this effect is Dr. Brian Dias. He is quoted as saying that “There is absolutely no doubt that what happens to the sperm and egg will affect subsequent generations.”

Furthermore another one of the researchers, Prof. Markus Pendry M.D. from University College London, has stated that these findings are “highly relevant to phobias, anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorders”. He said that the studies show “compelling evidence” that a form of memory can be passed between generations. He is further quoted to say “It is high time public health researchers took human transgenerational responses seriously. I suspect we will not understand the rise in neuropsychiatric disorders or obesity, diabetes and metabolic disruptions generally without taking a multigenerational approach.”

This is just another reason that young people, of childbearing age, should take especially good care of themselves, their diet and their lifestyle.

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