Healthy Living is the Best Revenge

This is the actual title of an  article from a very recent edition of the prestigious medical journal Archives of Internal medicine.

This study reviewed the findings from a European prospective study into the prevention of chronic disease. There were over 23,000 participants in this study. The authors looked at the four major chronic diseases of modern society. These included type II diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and cancer.

They then looked at four lifestyle factors which included: never smoking, having a body mass index less than 30, exercising 3.5 hours per week or more, and adhering to healthy dietary principles. Their definition of healthy dietary principles was a high intake of fruits, vegetables, and whole grain bread and specifically low meat consumption.


 They followed the people in the study for only 7.8 years. The findings were astonishing!. Those participants who had all four positive healthy habits had a 78% lower risk of developing one of these chronic diseases than participants without a healthy factor. I imagine the numbers would be even larger if the study had gone more than 7.8 years.

This is the first study I have seen that confirms what all my patients who have been with me for many years already know. Lifestyle and healthy habits are a major factor in preventing chronic degenerative diseases. Ask yourself how many of those four healthy factors you have going in your favor in the prevention of disease. And in the New Year consider improving on the ones you don’t already have!

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