Honey Works as Good as Cough Syrup: Four Beneficial Uses of Honey

honey flowersBeekeepers have been raising bees to produce honey since at least 700 BC. Back then, this sweet, natural sweetener was a rarity used in religious ceremonies and for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.
Typically, the only people who could afford honey for eating were the very wealthy.

Nowadays, you can find honey in a variety of colors, flavors and textures (not to mention qualities) in just about every supermarket.

What Exactly IS Honey?

Everyone knows the sticky, sweet honey that kids of all ages love to lick from their fingers. But do you know how it’s actually created?

Bees use honey as food, and they make it by collecting nectar from flowers. This nectar mixes with their saliva, which is full of just the right enzymes to create honey. The nectar-saliva mixture is then brought back to their beehive, where their wings fan it into just the right consistency.

The flavor and texture of honey varies depending on the type of flower from which the nectar came.

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