How to Get Over Being Indecisive Once and For All. Maybe.

Anyone who’s ever been caught in the throes of indecision –and who hasn’t- knows that it can be downright maddening. Thinking about what to do, whether the decision is big … Should we buy this house? … or small … Do I want mashed potatoes or baked? … can become borderline obsessive. It consumes your thoughts until you choose one outcome over the other, and even then may continue to harass you as you worry whether you made the right choice.

Certainly, indecision is frustrating for the indecisive person. But that’s not all. Being indecisive also affects those around you. Your coworkers, your spouse, your family and friends are all influenced by your decision-making, or lack thereof.

What’s Wrong With a Little Indecision?

Being unable to make a decision happens to the best of us. But when being indecisive begins to become more of a regular occurrence than a rare one, your relationships and career may suffer.

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