I Received the Daniel J Wallace Award at the Orange Ball for LupusLA

The Orange Ball for Lupus LA was held on May 24, 2012 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. It is the annual fund raiser to raise money for research into the cause and treatment of Lupus Erythematosis a major autoimmune disease which can be debilitating for patients with it.

I was the honoree of the ball and I received the prestigious Daniel  J Wallace Founders Award. For the last decades I’ve been treating hundreds of patients with Lupus using integrative medicine. Integrative medicine is able to help patients with lupus improve the quality of their life and their overall well-being as well as help ameliorate some of the joint pains and fatigue that often accompanies lupus.

It was a very large event with over 400 people in attendance. There were stars of music and movies everywhere to be seen!

My friend Verdine White was there and Earth Wind and Fire donated Backstage Passes and “Meet and Greet” tickets for the auction to raise  money for Lupus. Natasha Bedingfield performed on stage and I was so honored she dedicated her singing her song “Pocketful of Sunshine” to me!

Here is a copy of the invitation

Here is a great link reviewing the event 

and a video interviewing Paula Abdul talking about her experience with Lupus 

Below are some of the photographs from the event.

This is me as I was giving my speech for the Lupus LA event

Dr Soram gets award for Lupus

Here is Natasha Bedingfield singing

Natashs Bedingfield sings at the Lupus LA event

Here is Paula Abdul at the event

Paula abdul at the lupus event

Toni Braxton bidding at the auction at the Lupus LA event

Toni Braxton at lupus event

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