Integrative Medicine Update -Gluten, Breast Cancer and MORE

As time passes the traditional medical journals and even the lay press, increasingly look like voices for Integrative Medicine.

On the subject of “myth busting”, the once highly attractive notion that boosting HDL-CHOLESTEROL levels would reduce cardiovascular event rates is now dead. At the annual cardiovascular conference this year sponsored by the American College of Cardiology, Dr. Robert A. Vogel stated “An iconic concept of HDL has not born good fruit. It really isn’t what we know that hurts us so much as the things we think are true but just ain’t so – and that’s the story of HDL” Read it HERE

Further studies have shown that using Niacin to raise HDL brings no value to the patient. Dr. Vogel is quoted again as saying “I’m going to say it twice. If you have a patient on niacin, take that patient off. Again, if you have a patient on niacin, take that patient off. There is no evidence base at the present time that a patient should be on niacin to reduce cardiovascular risk. HERE is that quote.

Just a few weeks ago the New York Times had a major article on gluten free diet and its possible benefits. As many of my readers know, we now have a simple blood test to evaluate whether a person is gluten sensitive. We recognize that there are large number of people who do not have celiac disease, but who have gluten sensitivity. You can Read it HERE. Remember my last few podcasts have interviewed Dr Tom O’Bryan who is quoted in the article. 

A new report from the World Health Organization and the United Nations Environment Program reported that “The evidence linking hormone – mimicking chemicals to human health problems has grown stronger over the past decade becoming a “global threat” that should be addressed. As I’ve mentioned before we pay particular attention to this when a woman is preparing for pregnancy so she does not deliver what are now called “gender bending” chemicals into her fetus. Here is a link to an article entitled “Poisoned by everyday life” that recently appeared.

Here is another link about the new information linking the environment to breast cancer. I wrote about this last week as well.   Breast cancer kills 40,000 women in the United States each year.

Finally, a new California rule will be getting the flame retardants out of our couches. Sarah Janssen of the Natural Resources Defense Council stated “Women with higher levels of flame retardants in their blood take longer to get pregnant and have smaller babies. Children exposed in the womb have a lower IQ and attention problems. Other studies have linked flame retardants to male infertility, male birth defects and early puberty in girls. A recent study in animals has linked toxic flame retardants to autism.” To read more click HERE and HERE. 

 Hopefully these laws will pass!

And we wonder why these problems are on the rise?

Almost all my readers know that I’m very concerned about mercury accumulation in our bodies from eating fish. Now a new article out this week looks at mercury exposure in young adulthood and incidence of diabetes later in life. They looked at almost 4000 American young adults in this study. Those in the highest quintile of mercury compared to the lowest quintile of mercury levels were 165% more likely to get diabetes.

Not to overwhelm you with all this information but now another study has shown that hair dyes used by millions of women are linked to chemicals that can cause cancer. They noted that both home hair coloring kits and the dyes use that expensive salons pose a potential risk to health. You can read this article at this link.

I never thought we’d see it in our lifetimes, but the entire world is moving towards concepts and principles that Integrative Medicine has followed for the last 35 years.

Wishing you all the best in health! Watch your chemical exposure!

Dr. Soram

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