Memory Loss Epidemic: Is Your Memory at Risk? Know Your Risk Factors

memory lossAs you get older and find yourself misplacing your glasses, forgetting the phone number of a good friend or experiencing a hazy recall of what you did the past weekend, you get those pangs of sudden panic. Is it normal forgetfulness or a sign of something more?

Fortunately, these signs of short-term memory loss are a part of the normal aging process and shouldn’t raise flags that your mind is in deterioration mode. Your brain is one of the most complex and powerful organs in your body and has the ability to grow new brain cells in the hippocampus (the area of the brain responsible for the forming, sorting and storing memories) each day throughout your lifetime.

There are many factors other than the normal aging process that contribute to short-term memory loss, however. Below are seven common and sometimes overlooked causes of short-term memory loss followed by 10 tips to protect your brain and even help induce the growth of new brain cells.

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