Mental Health and Vitamin D

I was recently interviewed about the role of vitamin D in depression. When the article comes out I will post a link on my blog.

What I basically said is that the medical literature supports the possibility that vitamin D deficiency is connected with depression but more studies need to be done to prove the connection.

Now in the Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology a new article has been published,entitled "Vitamin D, light, and mental health". The author is MB Humble.

In this article the author reviews the medical literature for relationship between vitamin D and mental health. He points out that both vitamin D receptors and vitamin D enzymes are present in the brain. He also points out that active vitamin D affects neurotransmitters and other molecules that are relevant to mental disorders.

He points out that considerable evidence supports a role of less than optimal vitamin D levels being associated with depression. However he quickly points out that further double-blind crossover placebo controlled prospective studies must be done to prove this connection.

He goes on to point out that specifically two diagnoses, schizophrenia and autism has been linked to prenatal vitamin D my readers know I've discussed this previously.

The author also goes on to present two cases of psychiatric improvement coinciding with treatment of their vitamin D deficiency, leading to the question of whether their vitamin D deficiency was the cause of their psychiatric disorder.

We increasingly see articles like this in the medical literature.

Please let me know if you have seen any improvement in your or your families mental health as a result of optimizing your vitamin D levels. Have you had your levels checked? Have your friends with depression or other mental disorders had their levels checked?

I look forward to hearing back from you.



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  • Jordan

    Hi Dr. Kolsa. I discovered that a number of people in my family have low Vitamin D and have a range of disorders from anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, depression, MS, and HyperThyroid.

    My sister was diagnosed with MS in Oct 2009 at the age of 31. She read many internet articles looking for information. After coming across a number of articles on the impacts of Vitamin D, she asked her neurologist to test her. He said just take some over the counter, it's not a problem. She found another doctor who tested her. Her vitamin D level was 11.

    My sister had major anxiety problems, dizziness, and agoraphobia starting around the age of 13. Within 3 days after taking the Vitamin D, her symptoms were dramatically improved. Her dizziness was much better and now my sister is able to go many places. Not everywhere, but many more places than he has in many years. And she is happier too. She calls it the happy pill. My sister recently went to an MS support group. She said the one symptom everyone had was dizziness. She thinks this is a critical, early symptom.

    I got my Vitamin D tested. With 300 IU in my Vitamin, I was at 27. After starting 2000 IU Vitamin D my anxiety which I've suffered with since I was a child is much better. Not sure if this is relevant, but I had a thyroid storm when I was about 32 and had a T3 of 10,000. My Vitamin D level was not tested until about 10 years later.

    My son who is 13 has suffered with ADHD. I thought maybe he was depressed too last February. I finally got his Vitamin D tested this summer, after he had been outside at summer camp for 4 weeks with no sun screen. He had 27. After taking 2000 IU, my son is much happier. I even had 2 teachers at school call me a week later and ask me what I did to Jake. Seriously.

    My 14 year old takes it and says he feels better but can't explain why. I just took my 5 year old to get tested and his level was 27 after being at summer camp all summer.

    There is absolutely something to this Vitamin D. Why can't we absorb Vitamin D even without sunscreen?

    Please keep researching. I think this will help lots of people.

  • So glad you discovered the vitamin D deficiency you and your family all had and are fixing them ! Spread the word !

  • delisa

    What is a normal Vit D level?

  • Normal is 30-100 ng’/ml
    I recommend for otherwise healthy people to keep their levels between 40-70 ng/ml.

  • Normal is 30-100 ng’/ml
    I recommend for otherwise healthy people to keep their levels between 40-70 ng/ml.

  • Normal is 30-100 ng’/ml
    I recommend for otherwise healthy people to keep their levels between 40-70 ng/ml.