My First Podcast! 001-Ask Dr Soram


Ask Dr Soram Podcast I am delighted to announce that I am starting a PODCAST ! It is called Ask Dr Soram . I expect it will come out weekly with the newest information about Integrative medicine and the practical use of natural medicines to get and stay well.

I have also created a new email address and a new Question Line Voicemail so you can call in your health questions from anywhere in  the world. I know that some of my readers are in many different countries. My answers will not be able to be given directly to one person but rather will generically discuss how I would approach a patient in my office with similar problems

The email to send questions is and the call in number which is already activated is 310 499 0275.

Today's' show introduces the podcast and discusses the importance of Vitamin D for knee surgery healing.

The other subject is using the right sunblock and how to choose a good health one.

The EWG link for sunblock review that I mention is HERE and it will show you the best sunblocks that EWG has tested.

I look forward to going forward with you my listeners and readers to expand and enrich your health!

About Dr. Soram Khalsa

As an MD, Dr Soram specializes in Integrative Medicine combining diet, nutrition, acupuncture, herbs and nutrition. Visit Dr Soram’s Healthy Living Store where you’ll find high-quality nutritional supplements:

  • Dr Soram,
    I enjoyed your first podcast and look foward to learning more about the benefits of Vitamind D and Integrative Medicine!

  • Great, great job, Dr. Soram. I so enjoyed this. Please keep going with the podcasts and I hope to find you in iTunes soon to download you directly to my iPhone. THANK YOU!

  • Lana

    Yes please have your podcast on itunes.

  • Sophie H

    Love this! Very informative, I look forward to hearing the next one!

  • Thank you Lana! I am working on it and it will be in Itunes soon and lots more content and Integrative Medicine Interviews

  • Thank you Farnoosh!

  • Thank you Sophie! I am on Itunes now !

  • Thanks Farnoosh! I am on Itunes and so are you !

  • Thank you Lisa! More are coming !