My Lecture on Staying Healthy in Los Angeles

Soram Khalsa speaks at Skirball Center in LAI gave my lecture at the Sheila Kar Foundation event last Sunday at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles. I was very gratified by the reception I received. There was a surprisingly large crowd for a Sunday morning.

My topic was "Vitamins and Supplements: If I'm Not Sick, do I Really  Need Them?"

I discussed six of the basic nutrients that I recommend at The Khalsa Medical Clinic everyday to keep my patients healthy, and the rationale behind them. I talked about the "Spectrum of Health" and how most of us are in the center "gray zone". We talked about how our body makes energy and how we stay healthy.

Here are a few of the comments that I received after the event.

"Thank you Dr. Kar. The seminar was very informative, I could have listened to Dr. Khalsa all morning."

The mother of one of the hospital doctors wrote: "Great presentation – absolutely worthy of my time. Every physician needs to know the info. it is a loss that you guys did not go. I wish that I know in advance to ask u guys to go. Everyone will benefit from it – for a much better health, to feel good and regain the vigor (life force) of life. Very very good."

The event was videotaped and I look forward to making it available on DVD. Let me know if you or your organization would like me to speak on how to stay healthy! Also let me know if you would like a copy of my handout from the event.


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