Prunes or Fiber?

Constipation is an extremely common problem in my practice and perhaps throughout all of America. There are many over-the-counter solutions. However until recently they weren’t specifically studied.

In a recent study, researchers compared dried plums (prunes) versus psyllium for the treatment of constipation. They found that dried plums are “safe palatable and more effective than psyllium for the treatment of mild to moderate constipation, and should be considered as a first-line therapy.”.

However,a previous study has shown that being vegan is probably the most effective therapy for chronic constipation!

For the details of how they measured the improvement in constipation, please take a look at my colleague Michael Greger, MD’s new video comparing these three approaches to the treatment of this common condition. You might also like to subscribe to his daily article/video as they are excellent.


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