Women Beware! Your Purses Could be Making You Sick

purse germsThe first order of business after returning home from a day at the office or out shopping is to plop down your purse (or briefcase), often on the kitchen counter or table. Your kids do it too, with their backpack or lunchbox.
This simple action that most of us do without giving it a thought could be a major source of exposure to germs, bacteria, viruses and other organisms that could make you and your family sick, according to recent research into what’s really clinging to your purse.

Millions of Bacteria … on Your Purse?

Chuck Gerba, a microbiologist with the University of Arizona, used a hand-held germ meter to test how much bacteria was being carried around on women’s purses. Purses, after all, are indispensable for most women, and go with them from the car to the office to the bathroom to the grocery store and everywhere in between.

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