Saliva Cancer Clues for Prevention via Bio Markers

Cancer is a disease that causes abnormal cells in your body to divide uncontrollably and then invade the healthy tissues nearby. Cancer cells can spread to other parts of your body using your blood or lymph systems as their vehicles. There are numerous kinds of cancer; over 71 types have been identified so far. With such high numbers, it is important for researchers to have options available for the early detection and accurate diagnosis of this disease.

One of the newest techniques available to doctors is saliva testing. This technique allows the doctor to separate and analyze each protein found in your saliva, revealing the biomarkers. A biomarker is a molecule found in your blood, other body fluid or tissue that signals a normal or abnormal condition or disease. Biomarkers can be used to identify cancer at the cellular level, determine the best treatment and monitor how your body is responding to treatment.

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