Should Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed? Three Important Considerations for All “Co-Sleeping” Pet Owners

For many pet owners across the nation, their nighttime routine would not be complete without their fuzzy four-legged companion hopping into bed to snuggle up for the night. In fact, most pet owners (56 percent) said their pet sleeps right next to them at night, according to a survey from Veterinary Pet Insurance.p>
“Our pets have made a definitive move from the barnyard, to the backyard, to the bedroom,” said Dr. Carol McConnell, director of veterinary services for VPI, in a press release. “With the human-animal bond stronger than ever, more pet owners are taking care of their pets like they would a family member. Our pets are spending more time indoors with the entire family, and now they share the comforts of a soft mattress with the family, too.”

This is not actually a new occurrence, as dogs have been sharing sleeping quarters with humans for ages. You’ve heard of the rock bank “Three Dog Night”? This name is a play on an Australian aboriginal custom of sleeping with a dog for warmth on cold nights. A “three dog night” would require sleeping with three dogs in order to stay warm.

In modern times, most of us sleep with our pets not for warmth but for companionship and cuddles … so is there any reason to stop?

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