15 Things You Never Thought You Needed to Know About … Snow

Snow is one of nature’s most amazing, and breathtaking, feats. Few other weather systems are capable of causing such fury — grounded planes, traffic jams, closed schools — and such beauty — snow-covered ski slopes, fields blanketed in fresh white powder and, of course, snowflakes falling on Christmas morning — as snow.

Snow is also very interesting, more interesting than you may have thought, and the following facts are a perfect conversation piece to keep close with you during this winter season.

  1. There are an average of 105 snow-producing storms in the continental United States each year.
  2. Skiers have their own “snow language,” which was created back in the 1900s to describe different snow conditions. Some of the earlier terms included “fluffy snow,” “powder snow” and “sticky snow.” Later terms include “champagne powder,” “corduroy,” and “mashed potatoes.”

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