Soram Khalsa, M.D. Elected to “Best Doctors of America”

Dr. Soram Elected to Best Doctors of AmericaI am honored to announce to my patients and friends that I have just been nominated and elected into "Best Doctors of America."

When I first received the letter welcoming me in, I thought it was “Another one” of those organizations that give doctors undeserved big titles in exchange for the doctors paying them.

Investigation of their web site ( revealed quite the contrary. In reality, to become a member of Best Doctors, you have to be nominated by a colleague and then letters of review are sent to many physicians in your area.  Many questions are asked of the doctors but the most important one is “if you as a physician or a member of your family had a medical problem in the area of expertise of this doctor, would you go to this doctor yourself?”


In light of this peer elected status, I am very honored to be chosen to be a member of this organization.

This organization sells its services to large Fortune 500 Companies. If a member of their company gets a difficult medical problem, the company contacts “Best Doctors” and they arrange for one of the best doctors in the country in the area of that particular person’s problem to do a consultation on the patient.

I have already written my first consultation in my specialty, which you all know is internal medicine/integrative medicine. It is a 69 year old man with atrial fibrillation who was totally into natural therapy and was wanting recommendations on integrating pharmaceutical medication with natural medication.

Of course, this is exactly my specialty and I received word from “Best Doctors” after reviewing my recommendations that my report was “superb” and they were very pleased with it. In exchange for my consultation I receive a nominal honorarium.

I look forward to helping many other people throughout the United States who are not my immediate patients.

About Dr. Soram Khalsa

As an MD, Dr Soram specializes in Integrative Medicine combining diet, nutrition, acupuncture, herbs and nutrition. Visit Dr Soram’s Healthy Living Store where you’ll find high-quality nutritional supplements:

  • Katherine

    Dr. Soram …
    Congratulations! I am not surprised about your nomination/election into “Best Doctors of America”. I have known for many years that you were “The best doctor in America” … that is why I will travel 2000 miles once a year (and more if it were necessary), to see you. Not having you within the city I live is one of my main regrets about my move to Minnesota. This move was an experiment that has turned into a much more serious move due to the economics of our country over the last several years. I would love to move back to California – and maybe some day I will. One key motivation is to be closer to you for my preventive health care needs. Although you should know that I haven’t had one sick day in the 8 years I have lived in Minneapolis. Thanks to you and all I learned from your caring over the many years in your practice. I will see you sometime over the next several months. Your loyal and healthy patient, Katherine

  • Congratulations on your nomination/election into “Best Doctors of America”.I think you should be nominated and elected one of the Best Doctor in the whole wide world.I am sure lots of your patients will agree with me.I have heard excellent comments about you. How you change and save their lives.

    It has been a privilege knowing you for 30 years.

  • First of all doctor soram i have heard a lot abt you but you may have not.
    I have worked for yogi bhajan in india for more than six years when he was physically present.
    I live in india and hvae been living here all my life.
    I am 29 years old
    I have some problems in my body and was wandering if you could help me?
    Hardeep singh

  • lynn

    Dr. Soram,
    I feel truly blessed that you are my Dr. but even more than my Dr. that you are someone who truly cares about me, my family and our health. I will never forget the day I came to see you. I had been to a number of internist’s trying to understand why I feel horrible, losing weight, tired…. they all said “eat better and exercise. Everything looks good.” I would leave crying knowing I still haven’t gotten the help I so desperately needed. And then I came to you and I also left crying… because you understood I really did feel horrible it was not “just in my head.” You took me seriously and I soon felt healthy again. Thank you over and over again.
    You truly deserve this award for the caring and knowledgeable person you are.
    You should always be blessed,

  • Hardeep thank you for your note. Due to the great distance it is not possible for me to work with you and your health in India. If you wanted to come to LA I would be happy to work with you
    Best wishes,
    DR Soram

  • Thank you for your kind words Gloria !
    Dr Soram