10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Last — Even Get Stronger — During the Recession And a Great Recovery!

Money is at the root of many marital arguments, even in a normal economy. But right now especially, as unemployment rates skyrocket and savings accounts are dwindling, the heightened financial stress is taking an extra toll on many relationships.

In fact, according to a Harris Interactive poll, 38 percent of men and women said that money was the number-one cause of marital conflict … and that was in 2006 — before the economy really got bad. The bottom line is when finances get tight, an issue many couples are dealing with right now, it puts extra stress on your marriage. But that doesn’t mean your happiness or intimacy has to suffer. With the tips that follow you can be sure your marriage will survive these tough times, and may even come out stronger.

  1. Avoid letting money become a control issue. If one partner earns more money than the other, it can feel as though they have more of an entitlement to the money, or in deciding how it’s spent. They don’t. As a couple, you need to make financial decisions together, regardless of who earns more.

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