Study Reveals: What’s Really Causing Your Food Cravings? How to Resist the Urge Using Healthy Behavior Replacements

As you prepare for the extra guests, the cheer and the extra large holiday meals, you’re probably thinking of ways to NOT put on more weight and how to lose those five to ten extra pounds you gained over the last winter holidays. Most people find it challenging to stick to a healthy diet and oftentimes exacerbating the challenge are insatiable food cravings.

If you formulate a plan to overcome those cravings before they happen you can be prepared to welcome the holidays — and the upcoming season of fruitcakes and sweets — without guilt or added extra pounds.

How are Cravings Triggered? How to Distinguish if it’s Hunger or a Craving

When you’re hungry you’ll eat just about anything to satisfy your hunger pains. But when a food craving strikes, you yearn for something very specific such as chocolate-covered pretzels, cheese and sour cream potato chips or Neapolitan ice-cream sandwiches — and ONLY that “something” will do to satisfy your urge.

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