Watch Me On Dr Oz Friday December 21, 2012!

I am delighted to announce that next Friday, December 21, 2012 I will be on the Dr. Oz Television Show ! You will be able to watch it on your local TV channel. I also have come to understand that Dr. Oz’s show runs in over 100 countries worldwide. Obviously this is very exciting! You can find out the time and station for the show by CLICKING HERE

I filmed the show several months ago in New York. I was told by Dr. Oz’s team that I could not make any mention of it in on my blog until today and that is why I’ve said nothing about it before on my blog.

I was interviewed in three segments. In the first segment, Dr. Oz address the  “Elephant in the room”, with the question “Why are you a Sikh ?” After giving a very straightforward answer to this question, we were able to move on to discuss why integrative medicine will be the future of healthcare in the United States.

In the second segment, we discussed vitamin D and my book about vitamin D. In addition Dr. Oz asked me why I had created my own brand of vitamin D and I answered that question.

In the third segment the Dr. Oz team had flown into of my “Fans” from my blog and podcast! Kathy Smart and Cynthia Besson were flown in to meet me on the show for the first time. Obviously this was very exciting to both of them as well as to me! I had no idea I had so many fans out there!

Kathy is a TV show host and best-selling author, and chef and is also known as Canada’s leading gluten-free expert. Her book is entitled “Live the Smart way: Gluten Free Cookbook” and has sold thousands of copies. It is available on Amazon here. Do check out her website which is HERE . I’m looking forward to doing an interview with her for one of my upcoming podcasts in the New Year.


Cynthia Dr Soram and Kathy after the Dr Oz Show was filmed


After the introduction and greeting of these two lovely ladies Dr. Oz had me go on to teach him a few Kundalini yoga exercises right on camera! I can’t wait to see Dr. Oz and the ladies and I doing yoga together. Of course everything is very abbreviated, because it is TV and every second counts.


Dr Soram Getting Ready to Teach Kundalini Yoga on Set

 I look forward to seeing the show and getting your feedback when it comes out next Friday, December 21, 2012.

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