The Father and The Environment

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The father no longer gets a free pass on fertility either!

It is obvious that exposures of the mother affect the fetus directly because the fetus lives in the mother for nine months. In addition we know the toxic metals, solvents, and pesticides are roused from their storage in the fat and given directly to the fetus during pregnancy.

I’ve been asked by my patients, appropriately so, if the father has any role in contributing toxins through his sperm to his fetus. I’ve mentioned to my patients that evidence is starting to gather that toxic exposure in the father affects the fetus.

Now in a new article published recently, it has been learned that gene mutations that are caused by the father’s lifestyle can be inherited by his children, even if those mutations occurred long before conception.

Furthermore this study showed that the mutations in the germ line (sperm) are present in all cells of the children including that child’s own germ cells (egg or sperm)!

This means that the father’s lifestyle has the potential to affect the DNA of multiple generations and not just his immediate offspring.

In particular, in this study, one of the main variables was whether the father smoked or not. The Editor in Chief of the FASEB Journal, where this article was published is quoted as saying “We’ve known for a very long time the preventive care among expectant mothers is critical to the health and well-being of their children. Now, we’re learning that fathers don’t get a free pass. How they take care of themselves – even before conception – affects the genetic makeup of their children for better or worse.”

This is the first study to be able to show that this germ line damage that occurs to a fathers DNA carries through into an unlimited number of generations.

These types of studies have been done already in mice with exposures to pesticides. They’ve shown the damage to the father’s sperm caused by pesticides persists through the germ line of at least five generations.

To me, this is most disturbing news, because it will affect the generations ahead. I would guess that these germ – line damages may be contributing to the epidemics of diabetes, asthma and perhaps even autism that we are seeing in our young generation.

Fathers! Take care of yourself and take care of your exposures before you have children!

(For my patients and readers who are familiar with the miasm theory in homeopathy, this article is starting to show the science behind miasms.)


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