The Killing Touch … “Touches” of Illness Surrounding You Everywhere

handshakeMost Americans know that kissing is off limits when they’re sick if they want to avoid spreading the germ to others, but most do not think twice about shaking hands. This seemingly innocent gesture is actually a key way that germs are spread … and is actually a greater risk to passing on an infection than sharing a kiss!

With cold and flu season upon us, and superbugs like MRSA and C.diff on the rise, it’s imperative that you know how to lessen your risks of the “killing touch” — and how it can lead to disease and illness.

We’re All Potential Disease Carriers

Your hands may look clean but lingering on their surface are countless organisms, many of which can make you sick. How do these organisms get there? Many are picked up throughout your day as you open doors, use pens, type at your computer, or use an ATM or even a shopping cart.

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